Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We are extremely excited for this week's special guest DJ, Garth from the legendary Wicked Crew (San Francisco). Garth has been an incredible influence throughout the early DJ careers of Frank Richards and myself along with being one of the key players in America's dance music history starting in the early nineties.

Over the years, Garth has blown us away with some incredible sets that have always incorporated a broad perspective of dance music spanning over many decades. He is one of those rare DJs that has always had that special knack to bring it all together as one cohesive night of dancefloor bliss.

Please join us for this very special evening as one of America's iconic dance music legends joins us at this week's edition of Patio Sessions along with resident DJ Frank Richards and special guest Keith Evan on support duty.

...and don't forget Garth Part II as he joins the crew for a special poolside set at Lounge Inn located at the Artisan Pool. Hands down, this has been one of my favorite parties of the summer. From the music, to the party people, to the staff, to the location, to the sound...all the elements are there to make for an incredible pool day week in and week out all summer long.

Come put some dance in your pants,
- DJ Sensé & Frank Richards

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