Friday, October 23, 2009


We would like to thank all of the guest DJ's that joined us for a great month of weather and music, we look forward to bringing more of Las Vegas' dance music community together in the months to come. This weekend is Residents Night where Carlos and myself take the reigns for the evening for an all night tag team set. If you really love gettin' down and dirty with the underground stuff, residents night is where we get to push the envelope a little bit, test out lots of new material and find the boundaries of what we can play on the SATAY Patio. From the deep to the vocal to the bumpin' and even towards some more techie flavors, we always enjoy taking things on a little journey for residents night. Be sure and join us after the big UFC fight this Saturday (Go Lyoto Machida!) as we take things on a musical ride.

We hope you are all getting your bad ass costumes together for our Grindhouse Music Halloween party next Saturday. All I can tell you about mine is that it will probably make me want to do very villainous things all night long ;-) We have been looking forward to this little throwdown for some time as my very good friends Joey and Fawn from Denver will be getting married here next weekend with a giant crew of Mile High beat heads in tow. We will be having a 6 DJ, B-Movie smackdown with 3 different tag teams going head to head for the evening. Let's just hope no swtichblades and brass knuckles get pulled out in the heat of battle because they will not be able to deal with my dual Samurai swords by a longshot! Don't even try it. Ha!

Here's to sexy B-Movie bombshells, bad boys and villains...cheers mothafucka!
- DJ Sensé & Carlos Sanchez

Friday, October 16, 2009


It's a lovelee dayyy, and the sun is shiiiinnninggg, everywhere I gooooo... - Blaze "Lovelee Dae"
Oh yes it is indeed party peeps! Gotta love the 702 in the Fall. This weeks Patio Sessions welcomes longtime Vegas DJ Royce Ramirez. Vegas' most perverted DJ (me included) will be playing a night jam packed with Chicago ghetto tech and booty house all night long a la DJ Funk...Shake doze tits and bounce dat ass girl, shake doze tits and bounce dat ass girl, shake doze tits and bounce dat ass girl, shake doze tits and bounce dat ass girl. OK just kidding. On a serious note, Royce has long been a part of Vegas' dance community holding down regular gigs and residencies at legendary spots like Utopia and Drai's back when electronic dance music ruled the desert like a gila monster biting your big toe. Royce's early ventures in dance music saw him on stage with electronic bands as the keyboardist and the drummer from the 80's onward. He now flexes the same skills and love of dance music in the studio as he has been hard at work producing house music hoping to not only put the 702 on the map but to chase that all elusive perfect beat. Lately he has been releasing music with Jason Rios and Andy Taylor under their new digital label Big Wheel Music based here in the LV. Join us this Saturday as Royce takes to the decks and flexes his old school house muscles!!! Peace, Love & Beats! - DJ Sensé & Carlos Sanchez

Thursday, October 8, 2009



Oh yes! I am back in the 702 after an amazing few days in Denver last weekend but glad to be back to this perfect weather and another weekend filled with beats.

Thanks to all that came out last weekend for Frank Richards as he dusted of the ole wax (That would be vinyl records for all you digital babies!) for his night of dance classics. Heard it was a much of a doozy it can be without the #1 trouble maker in the house that is ;-)

This weeks special guest is Baltimore transplant Mike Hopper. Mike has a rich history in house music within the Baltimore scene and has had numerous residencies there throughout the years. Baltimore is home to house legends like the Basement Boys and Mike Hopper is not a DJ to be sleepin' on by a longshot. His meticulous programming ,music knowledge and DJ skills will take you from the deep to the jackin' to the techie and back again smooth like buttah baby...truly a musical journey every time he steps to the decks. Just how we like it, we hope you do too!

Don't forget to start thinking about your Halloween costumes as it will be upon us before you can carve 1 triangle into your pumpkin bumpkin! Costume theme is B-Movie Bombshells, Badboys, Twisted Villains and Monsters. Bring the heat kids...this is Vegas yo! Besides, what is hotter than an angry sex kitten with a cone bra, a flip hair-do and a gun in your face? Exaaaaaactly!

COSTUME IDEAS: Barbarella, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Mars Attacks, Death Proof, Planet Terror, Attack of The Killer Tomatoes, The Blob, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Attack of The 50ft Woman, The Road Warrior, Hairspray, etc...

Also, be sure and hop on to our newly updated website as we have added some fresh new goodies on there to sink your veneers into and tickle the back of your knees with ;-)

Tha tha tha that's all for this week folks! See ya on the patio Saturday nizzle fo shizzle kizzles!
- DJ Senséro & Carlito Sanchero

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Whoomp there it is! Yep, it's October and the air has magically gotten easier to breathe and I am considering the fine array of fashion choices I will have to wear out and about from here on out. Nights on the patio have been shaping up nicely along with the weather and it feels great to be holding down the only dedicated house night geared towards gettin' your groove on (as opposed to ultra loungin') during the weekend in Vegas. For all you workin' peeps, I feel your pain. The Vegas weekends don't offer much in the way of real deal dance music, especially with the loss of our beloved Empire Ballroom. Speaking of...this week's special guest came up in the Vegas dance scene from that very building by way of the legendary Utopia. One of the few loco...erm...local Las Vegans in the DJ scene here, Mr. Frank Richards joins us this week for a very special night of dance classics. Yep, it's time to wax nostalgic for a night as we dust off the archives and take you back into time...way back...back in the day! We have a great lineup of local talent all month long so come sample the many flavas of house music Vegas has to offer by way of Mike Hopper and Royce Ramirez topped off by a mega Halloween blowout featuring 3 tag team sets and 6 DJs on rotation all night long for "Grindhouse Music". The costume theme is B-Movie Bomshells, Badboys, Villains and Monsters so get the brain thinking B-Movies and haunted house music. Boo! - DJ Sensé & Carlos Sanchez