Friday, October 16, 2009


It's a lovelee dayyy, and the sun is shiiiinnninggg, everywhere I gooooo... - Blaze "Lovelee Dae"
Oh yes it is indeed party peeps! Gotta love the 702 in the Fall. This weeks Patio Sessions welcomes longtime Vegas DJ Royce Ramirez. Vegas' most perverted DJ (me included) will be playing a night jam packed with Chicago ghetto tech and booty house all night long a la DJ Funk...Shake doze tits and bounce dat ass girl, shake doze tits and bounce dat ass girl, shake doze tits and bounce dat ass girl, shake doze tits and bounce dat ass girl. OK just kidding. On a serious note, Royce has long been a part of Vegas' dance community holding down regular gigs and residencies at legendary spots like Utopia and Drai's back when electronic dance music ruled the desert like a gila monster biting your big toe. Royce's early ventures in dance music saw him on stage with electronic bands as the keyboardist and the drummer from the 80's onward. He now flexes the same skills and love of dance music in the studio as he has been hard at work producing house music hoping to not only put the 702 on the map but to chase that all elusive perfect beat. Lately he has been releasing music with Jason Rios and Andy Taylor under their new digital label Big Wheel Music based here in the LV. Join us this Saturday as Royce takes to the decks and flexes his old school house muscles!!! Peace, Love & Beats! - DJ Sensé & Carlos Sanchez

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