Friday, October 23, 2009


We would like to thank all of the guest DJ's that joined us for a great month of weather and music, we look forward to bringing more of Las Vegas' dance music community together in the months to come. This weekend is Residents Night where Carlos and myself take the reigns for the evening for an all night tag team set. If you really love gettin' down and dirty with the underground stuff, residents night is where we get to push the envelope a little bit, test out lots of new material and find the boundaries of what we can play on the SATAY Patio. From the deep to the vocal to the bumpin' and even towards some more techie flavors, we always enjoy taking things on a little journey for residents night. Be sure and join us after the big UFC fight this Saturday (Go Lyoto Machida!) as we take things on a musical ride.

We hope you are all getting your bad ass costumes together for our Grindhouse Music Halloween party next Saturday. All I can tell you about mine is that it will probably make me want to do very villainous things all night long ;-) We have been looking forward to this little throwdown for some time as my very good friends Joey and Fawn from Denver will be getting married here next weekend with a giant crew of Mile High beat heads in tow. We will be having a 6 DJ, B-Movie smackdown with 3 different tag teams going head to head for the evening. Let's just hope no swtichblades and brass knuckles get pulled out in the heat of battle because they will not be able to deal with my dual Samurai swords by a longshot! Don't even try it. Ha!

Here's to sexy B-Movie bombshells, bad boys and villains...cheers mothafucka!
- DJ Sensé & Carlos Sanchez

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