Tuesday, January 29, 2008


First of all I would like to thank everybody that made it out for this event and to all the people that put so much elbow grease and brain power to make this such a great (and unique!) event. I think the best feedback I heard for the night was DJ 88 saying "I doesn't feel like we are in Vegas" while working up a sweat on the dancefloor right in front of a bumpin' speaker stack. It's a curious thing, all of Vegas' grandiose hotels and casinos try and transport you to some exotic destination but they never "really" make you feel like you are not in Las Vegas.

The Crime On Canvas/Kilowatt v.02 definitely did create a different atmosphere than the Vegas nightlife scene is accustomed to. It felt more like warehouse party in major cultural hubs like NYC or Los Angeles. Sure, Vegas' nightlife is on the map, but it still has a long way to go as far as having events/parties that people keep tabs on from all over the world like NYC's "Body & Soul".

Upon entering the event, the party people were treated to a gallery show in the lobby of the Aruba Hotel featuring canvas prints of original paintings by guest DJ, Ge-ology. As the mingling carried into the main room of the Aruba, guests were immediately blown away by the 20ftx10ft ghetto blaster stage set/DJ booth. If that wasn't enough...customized, real-time video artistry by Greg Leeper of Opticus Video made the whole set jump to life as the moving images were projected from the back of the ghetto blaster where the speakers would be. Not only did the whole set-up bring the boom box to life, it really brought the whole room to life and gave the crowd something they could just bug out on.
The music started of perfectly with a very solid set by special late add to the roster, Theory (Check out the DJ mixes 4 Download on this blog!). Setting a nice tone for the night, the room began to fill up as The Martinez Bros. (Danny Boy & B-Boy Steve) stepped up to the decks for second set of the night rockin' that funky stuff.

Next up in the prime time slot was our guest DJ for the night, Ge-ology. Let me tell you...Brooklyn was most certainly in the house! Ge-ology picked up where the Martinez Bros. left off and proceeded to take us all on an unbelievably smooth musical journey that moved effortlessly from soul to hip-hop, to house and drum and bass then back again. This was not even close to your basic Vegas mash up as Ge-ology proceeded to push the musical boundaries with abstract sounds mixed with underground hits that you never knew were hits (Until you heard them jump out of the speaker stacks!).

Crowd-wise there was a great mix of downtown hipsters, clubbers and house heads alongside our favorite posse of gay party animals led by our fearless promotional firecracker, Rachel Wenman. There were even a couple of stray glamour-pusses that made their way away from the strip to shake a stiletto or two, sparkly dress and all.

Last but not least, I would like to apologize to all of those that came to hear me (DJ Sensé) close out the night with some bumpin' house beats. The crowd kind of faded out a little earlier than we expected as well as the fact that Ge-ology was right on the money for his entire set...we just had let him stay on til the end!

Be sure and check out all the pictures that are posted up on SpyOnVegas.com shot by the one and only Hew Burney!

Stay tuned to this space for the next episode, Kilowatt v.03 coming to a speaker stack near you!

Special thanks to all of our sponsors for contributing to the arts and helping us put Las Vegas on the map for more than gambling, strippers and excessive partying...not that there is anything wrong with that, we just like to mix it up a little bit ;-)

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Stephen P. Christmas said...

I was one of those that left before it was over, & I still need to hear you rock the decks some time. But you're totally right.. I left because my ass was fucking worn OUT from two-shoe shufflin' so g-d damn hard all night. Freakin' amazing party man, love everything about it, esp. that ghetto-blaster facade! :o) XMS

Pj Perez said...

It WAS a great party -- amazing! But why is it that whenever there is such a groundbreaking event, it's noted that it "doesn't feel like we are in Vegas??" That's just an insult to Las Vegas. That's saying that when we get things "right," it's "not Vegas."

I say the Kilowatt party felt like "where Vegas is going." Put that feather in your cap, bitches! :)

Stephen P. Christmas said...

What he said. oh, & word has it Aruba's gettin' an additional SIX-KILOWATT SOUND SYSTEM. Come back & do it again. please.