Friday, October 10, 2008


Strap up your dancin' boots y'all because Halloween weekend is looking like it's going to be a wild ride for sure. The amount of quality beats being dropped all weekend will be epic indeed. Here's the lineup for the weekend so pace yourselves...including me!

Thursday /// Soundbar w/ special guest Miguel Migs /// Ghostbar @ The Palms
Thursday kicks things off with Soundbar at Ghotsbar high above The Palms. This favorite house music one-off brings back the always sexy, pantie dropper, Miguel Migs for Soundbar's second installment at their new home at the Palms

Thursday /// 944 Magazine presents Taolloween @ Tao
If you're up for more of the wild and crazy "Vegas" experience, 944 hosts Tao's Talloween for the third year straight of one of the most rockin' annual Halloween parties on The Strip. With plenty of sexy over the top outfits, expect this one to be a wall-to-wall freakshow.

Friday /// Kilowatt "Electric Halloween" /// Downtown Cocktail Room
This year Halloween lands on a Friday which is stellar news for all of us weekday warriors. Since Vegoose has officially kicked the can we have decided to do a very special installment of Kilowatt at Downtown Cocktail Room. You won't want to miss the 20 deep Kilowatt Electric Company group costume out in full force causing mad electrical shortages on the downtown grid. Be sure to grace us with a crazy "Electricity" themed costume. On deck duty will be yours truly, Downtown Resident Carlos Sanchez, Los Martinez Broz. and Soul Kitchen's Edgar Reyes. Quality music, great intimate crowd, no silly costume contests to break up the party spirit. Real nice.

Saturday /// Fabulous /// Orlean's Arena
Many parts of the country is seeing a solid resurgence in the rave scene as we are seeing a lot of "massive's" popping up again. Massive's can only be described as a giant festival style rave with tons of DJs and more. We welcome "Fabulous" to the Orleans with open arms as they bring the massive back to Vegas...some of you may remember when Camel brought Camel Move to the desert, that was a long time ago to say the least. "Fabulous" will be the biggest and best dance event in Las Vegas Halloween weekend hands down. The lineup is looking insane, the rest is in the hands of the event production so break out your glowsticks and Mickey Mouse gloves because it's time to rave out with your...whatever out!

Enjoy, party hard and party safe!

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