Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This Thursday Soundbar returns to a spankin' new venue outside on the patio of Ghostbar. Talk about dancing with the stars, you can almost touch them from that vantage point.

Dance music veteran, Charles Webster (Furry Phreaks, Love From San Francisco, Prescence and more!) joins the Soundbar crew as the special guest for the relaunch. Charles has a very special place in the world of dance music as he is known to stick to his guns and has been responsible for a wide array of music that has been timeless, collectable and most importantly playable by DJs from many genres all over the globe. From house music to downtempo grooves, Charles has a knack for making music that captures an emotional "feeling" so to speak. In today's "track factory" of producers that run rampant throughout dance music cranking out flavors of the month, it is refreshing to see someone that still strives to make every production "special".

Be sure and get a taste of that little something special as Soundbar makes it's return to bringing quality house music to Las Vegas' ultra commercial musical landscape.

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